Retrofitting an RV Awning

A motorhome without awning is somehow incomplete. Your upgrade is possible – with the right tips from professionals you can manage it easily.

A small black sleeve of polyamide makes the difference. Dirk Fiedler, Managing Director of the motorhome owner Schafhäutle in Kirchheim am Neckar, has equal let a whole bunch of hand turning, otherwise the costs would explode. The property has 140 vehicles on one of the major fleets in Germany. “As we assemble lots of awnings and have abundant experience.” The one also needs it because as easy as formulaic is: measuring, drilling, brackets and back plates mount austarieren awning – and ready.

“As is described in detail much wrong”, whereas white champion Jürgen Hellmann. The worst practice is, for example, when the screws are so “attached bangs” that pulls together the sandwich wall. “This keeps the first place to look cruel and as a portal of entry for leaks.” Therefore, the sleeves, in which the stainless steel screws are led. You have the exact wall thickness and are completely glued together with brackets and back plates with Sikaflex.

To attach a 3.5-meter-long wall awning from Prostor has to serve. Meanwhile, the awnings are available under the brand name Domestic Perfect Wall. But that does not change the assembly steps that are similar for all awnings. The shade is attached with three corners on the test car.

First, the pre-drilling or milling for the sleeves on the program. That hurts: the beautiful sandwich wall! It is important in any case first to do the careful checking whether there are any lines in the way or the mounting points are reachable from the inside for later fitting. Under certain circumstances, an edge or bead on building running unfavorable, so that the optimum mounting position of the awning is to be found on the wall with a long straight edge. The professional uses for a self-made template. Jürgen Hellmann: “It works for 90 percent of cases.”